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Published : 26 February 2013, 21:00 CET

LEGO commentary on The Sun promotion

In order to catch the attention of parents who may not be as well associated with our products, we promote LEGO products in a vast variety of media, for example TV commercials, printed ads, online promotions etc. One of the media we have chosen to address parents is The Sun as it’s one of the most popular British newspapers with a daily readership of more than 6 million of which 47% are women.

We know that activities like these are good opportunities for families to get acquainted with our product. Through this promotion we will be able to provide millions of LEGO play experiences to children nationwide through their parents.

Last week’s promotion was the final of a two year agreement and there are no further promotions planned in The Sun. 

We listen very carefully to the opinions and input that people share and will take your thoughts and opinions into consideration when reviewing future promotions.

Fiona Wright
Vice President and General Manager
LEGO United Kingdom


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