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Author : Morten Vestberg

Contact : Morten Vestberg


The builders of tomorrow expect that we do everything we can to mitigate our business’ impact on the environment. We acknowledge that our operations have an impact on the environment in areas like climate change, resource use and waste. Yet, it is undisputedly our ambition to protect children’s right to live in a healthy environment, both now and in the future.

We have set a number of specific targets to measure our environmental performance against, and we will continue to explore innovative and creative ways to solve the current environmental issues and deliver in compliance with ever-increasing standards.

We recognize that energy and waste is not the whole story of sustainability, and we are working hard to address our impacts in other areas such as the materials we use, consumption of water and the sustainability of our supply chain.

Specifically, we work on the manufacture of LEGO® products at our own factories close to the markets we serve, as we believe it makes sense to produce close to where the products are sold and used. This enables us to serve our markets better, as well as reduce the environmental impact from transportation. All manufacturing sites are certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001 and at each site, we apply environmental best practice that is appropriate to the regional area.

Also, our approach to energy consumption is to build and operate energy efficient factories and offices. We focus on energy-saving projects within compressed air, lighting, ventilation and cooling. Next, we tackle the energy supply at our facilities using state-of-the-art Combined Heat and Power energy generation where feasible. Finally, we evaluate the potential for renewable energy, firstly at our local facilities and then if not applicable, off-site. We are progressing satisfactorily on our long term ambition of ensuring that by 2020, 100% of our energy will be balanced by renewable energy sources. Read: Building a wind farm.

When it comes to waste, we focus on reducing the amount of waste generated, then we re-use any waste material where possible, and finally we recycle almost everything that is left. As a result, zero waste is our long term ambition and one on which we continue to make progress on.

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