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Published : 20 March 2014, 20:21 CET

LEGO® House

The world should have one place where you can experience the LEGO story and be inspired by the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick. That place will be the LEGO House at the heart of Billund.

LEGO House image

Watch the creation of the LEGO House

The LEGO House will be constructed on a plot that previously housed the town hall of the Municipality of Billund. Most of our communication regarding the construction is only in Danish and will only be published on the Danish version of this website. All press releases in English are available in the menu structure on the right.

Watch a video about the LEGO House
The building was drawn by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), and the video below offers you a guided tour of the House. Please note that the decorations shown in the video will not be those of the finished House. We will be developing the decorations throughout the process and want to be a little secretive about them until we are ready to invite the public in. The architectural concept is to establish the functions of the building as 21 bricks encircling an indoor space, placing them on top of each other and concluding with a classic eight knobbed LEGO brick at the top.

Facts about the LEGO House
- The LEGO House consists of 8,500 sq m above ground and 3,400 sq m of basement.
- The LEGO House will be 24 m tall.
- There will be unlimited access over and across the house using stairs and terraces.
- The LEGO House will feature an area with free-of-charge access. This area constitutes almost a quarter of the above-ground part of the LEGO House, and will offer a café and a special LEGO shop.
- The largest part of the LEGO House will be reserved for paying visitors, consisting of four specially designed play zones from different, but interconnected play worlds. The play zone exhibits and activities will offer guests completely unique LEGO experiences, inviting them to use their minds as well as their hands. Visitors will also be presented with the family company and the development of the LEGO products, the LEGO brand and the LEGO Group.
- The building project is expected to be completed in 2016.
- The estimated 250,000 annual paying visitors are encouraged to park at a newly established parking facility at Granvej in the northern part of Billund. We are also working on establishing parking spaces within a short walking distance from the LEGO House.  

LEGO model of the LEGO House
Throughout the construction period, Billund shops will have exclusive rights to sell a specially developed LEGO model of the LEGO House.

LEGO Huset model


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