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Product Safety

We have made products based on the LEGO® brick system since the 1950s. This will not change. Nevertheless, we constantly work to optimize our products so their impact on the environment is kept to a minimum.

If we want to continue to earn the trust of parents and provide children with high quality toy products that are safe, fun and meaningful; we must continue to push the boundaries when it comes to product safety and sustainable materials.

Product safety begins with the materials used for the product itself – the LEGO® element. We work with our raw material suppliers and constantly adopt the most advanced measures to manage the chemistry that goes into making LEGO® products. We also work on ways to minimize the health and environmental risks that these chemicals present. Consequently, LEGO® elements are high quality products that last year after year, maybe even for generations.

To ensure impeccable product safety, all production and consumer feedback is monitored and should any safety defects be identified, a product recall is performed. Since 2009, the LEGO Group has performed zero product recalls. This year, there was zero product recalls made again, and a target of zero product recalls each year will be maintained going forward.

Our products are made of high quality plastic, yet we know this material has an impact on the environment. As stated in our Planet Promise we want to make a positive impact, so we have a long-term ambition to innovate more sustainable materials and investigate our use of fossil fuels in relation to our products. The fact of the matter is that this is a necessary ambition if we are to stay true to our promise to leave a better world for our children.

As a consequence, we actively engage in activities to ensure development of future materials. We are exploring co-operation with both large, established and smaller, cutting-edge material suppliers with an intent to develop partly and fully bio-based materials, which are suitable for LEGO® products and production.

The current materials are carefully selected and over a period of many years they are refined to perfection with regard to their physical properties. These unique properties, such as strength, durability, clutch power and color fastness, make the building system possible and thereby constitute the basis and prerequisite for the overall LEGO® play experience. Maintaining these properties in a LEGO® brick after a shift to an alternative material, makes the search a real challenge. 

LEGO(R) bricks

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