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Author : Morten Vestberg

Contact : Morten Vestberg

Social Responsibility

Being socially responsible is deeply rooted in our culture and values. Our approach to succeeding together with people, internal as well as external, informs our social responsibility agenda and keeps us focused on achieving a safe and fair working environment in accordance with our company values.

We know that our social responsibility goes beyond the factories we operate. It also includes the local communities in which we operate, where we have the possibility to make a positive impact. Read our Code of Conduct.

Health and Safety

For us, ensuring a safe and healthy working environment means establishing a working environment with a strong safety culture and no injuries. In order to strengthen the positive progression we have observed in recent years, we continue to advocate for and apply a proactive health and safety approach to drive a safety culture and behavior in the company. We have defined an injury rate target and we work consistently to ensure continuous improvement on this, see performance.

Respect for our employees rights and well-being, is a key element in our commitment to a great workplace. Yearly, LEGO employees report their level of motivation and satisfaction in a corporate employee survey. The high scores and the very high response rate provide an insight into how we succeed in transforming policies into a better workplace environment, see performance.

Diversity – Equal Opportunities

We have the standpoint to always have the best qualified person in any individual position, and we aim to secure equal opportunities for all employees in the company.

To continuously gain a more diversified employee base is a step-by-step process and especially for the higher level decision-making bodies in the company. To drive forth the implementation of equal opportunities and the diversity agenda, a dedicated team, with our CEO as chairman, has taken the initiative to spearhead this long term initiative with a hands-on approach.

Local Community Engagement

A crucial factor in the way we work with sustainability and responsibility, is to nurture and support the communities that are affected by our activities. In the LEGO Group, we recognize the important part we can play as an advocate for children’s opportunities to play and develop in the local communities. 

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