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Author : Morten Vestberg

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As a growing global company our footprint increases and we have more complex partnerships with suppliers all over the world. We face numerous global challenges and opportunities which stretch across the environmental and social sphere. Our wish to solve these is, in some instances, greater than what we can overcome alone and, therefore, we seek partnerships with a range of business partners who share our values and want to make a positive change. We are just beginning this journey, but we are determined to get there together with our partners.

To promote sustainable supply chains, the LEGO Group requires all suppliers and business partners to sign Code of Conduct. The LEGO Group Supplier Code of Conduct covers human rights, labor rights, health and safety, anti-corruption and environment.

Compliance to the Supplier Code of Conduct is monitored via our audit program, where we use third party auditors and a stringent follow-up system. We audit all our suppliers in high and medium risk countries (risk level is determined by third party assessments).

We acknowledge that audits only measure compliance and are therefore only one element in implementing our Supplier Code of Conduct in our supply chain. To complement the audit program, we also work with selected groups of suppliers on capacity building to strengthen their capabilities to meet the requirements in the Supplier Code of Conduct and improve their performance.

Another, just as important aspect, is how we address environmental efforts in our collaboration with suppliers. Through the Code of Conduct all suppliers are encouraged to set specific targets in relation to environmental improvements and goals to drive down waste, energy consumption and emissions, alongside recycling products and embedding new environmentally friendly technologies.

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The LEGO Group is part of the ICTI CARE Process. The ICTI CARE Process is the ethical manufacturing program of the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI), with the purpose of ensuring fair labor treatment and safe working conditions.

We support the ICTI CARE process because we believe it is possible to achieve fair labor treatment and safe working conditions at the supplier level, when groups work toward the same target. For this purpose a Code of Business Practice has been developed by ICTI, which our toy vendors are obligated to follow.

Danish Initiative for Ethical Trade

In 2013, the LEGO group joined the Danish Initiative for Ethical Trade (DIEH) with the goal of increasing our human rights leverage long term.  The focus of DIEH is global, as the Initiative aims to promote responsible supply chain management and create lasting positive changes in supplier countries.

Through the membership, we have access to relevant stakeholders, information, best practices regarding dilemmas and new legislative initiatives. DIEH is a multi-stakeholder initiative, and if an ethical dilemma arises in our value chain, relevant partners who can assist us in identifying and implementing sustainable solutions are within reach, just as solutions can be identified proactively.