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Our Approach

We want to maximize the positive impact we have on human beings and society, and to continue to provide children all over the world with high quality and creative play experiences

In 2008 we defined four key promises as part of our company values foundation and we continue to innovate ways to advance our actions on them.

The four promises as described in the LEGO® Brand Framework:

The Planet Promise formulates how we aspire to leave a positive impact in the world – be it in respect to individuals or the wider community. We know our employees are fundamental for us to live and deliver on our values, which is why we are dedicated to ensure employees’ competencies and creativity continue to develop. Above all is our will to engage in a respectful dialogue with our stakeholders, internally as well as externally.

Pioneer safety

Keeping children safe when playing is an ever overarching priority for the LEGO Group, so we never compromise on the safety of our products. Every year we invest significant resources into innovating and maintaining the highest levels of toy safety, and thereby continue to produce the highest quality of safe products.

Secondly, we believe that all our employees must be able to come and work for us and arrive back home safely without injuries. We continually strive to embed a strong workplace safety culture and we are proud to keep advancing on this journey together with our employees.

Support children’s right to grow

It is our mission to ‘Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow’ – a reflection of the company’s fundamental belief in the value of play and learning through play in society and for children in particular. While playing, children learn to unfold their creativity and develop valuable skills and this is important for all children. We believe that you cannot play without learning and that you cannot learn without playing.

As a consequence we develop products that support these traits and we are passionate to promote children’s right to play and develop. This includes both the LEGO Group and the LEGO Foundation carrying out academic research in the field of play and learning and actively participates to promote these opportunities for children.

Care for nature

We have a responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment through our operations and the products we manufacture. We also believe we have an opportunity to make a difference to the environment in the future by engaging with children on sustainability and responsibility issues as they will be the builders of tomorrow.

The LEGO Group's Planet Promise